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Uni Pit Stormwater Pit

Another one for the commercials that is highly durable, made of heavy duty steel and suitable to be used in driveways among other trafficable areas. Reln Uni-pits, the fastest, easiest pits to install. The unique design eliminates the possibility of water pooling in bottom of the pit to prevent mosquitos breeding.

Pit Size: 225 x 225 x 89mm

Pit Size: 334 x 334 x 139mm

Riser: 90mm or 100mm PVC Pipe Riser: 90mm or 100mm PVC Pipe
Capacity: 2 Litres Capacity: 5 Litres
Grate Size: 218 x 218mm Grate Size: 330 x 330 x 20mm
Grate Material: Black Plastic, Aluminium in 3 colours Grate Material: Ductike Iron, Aluminium in 3 colours

Uni-Pit 10 Step Installation

1. Install 90mm or 100mm pipe as per plumbing code allowing adequate pipe cover and dall.

2. Install pipe section and adjust to fit up to pit base at required level.

3. Prepare area for paving as per mormal paving installation requirements.

4. ensure the area slopes towards the pit for water colection.

5. Bed PVC pipe base on sand

6. Check and adjust levels.

7. Glue pit base to PVC pipe using PVC Glue.

8. For passenger vechile traffic, Uni-Pit should be set in concrete.

9. Fit the grate, and secure using screws suplied, and saddle with galvanised grate.

10. Finish Paving

uni-pit stormwater pit

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