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Perths Cheapest Polymer Concrete Pits Supplier in Western Australia WA Order online. Polymer Concrete Pits are mostly used by those of us in communication and electrical work. They are good insulators, and made of hard concrete which can have alternative covers made of steel among other heavy duty metals.

In general stormwater pits are designed to collect stormwater when it rains, and they are built to standards. Since they can’t hold all the running water, the stormwater pits are made to be large depending on the application area to contain the targeted water until it drains through the pipes. This enables our pits to keep up with the storm water pace.

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Why Use Polymer Concrete Pits

Polymer Concrete Pit Specifications include:

  • 100% non-metallic
  • Lids can be concrete, galvanized checker plate or steel
  • Mass: 25 kg maximum
  • Attractive, user-friendly and minimal visual distraction
  • Available options: Type 66 and 99

Polymer Concrete Pits Supplier

Perth Stormwater won't be beaten on price as a local Polymer Concrete Pits supplier for Perth and Western Australia. We have an extensive range of Polymer Concrete Pits for you to choose from.

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