Storm Masta Water Drainage

For commercial surface water drainage you should consider Storm Masta. Storm Masta has a class B galvanized steel drain grates with a lockdown security. If you install the Storm Masta correctly, it can support up to 10 ton of weight.

1m channel Storm Masta

It is a well-shaped self-cleaning channel designed mainly to clear storm water high flows. Drive way drainage systems are sorted out with 1m channel. Even though it is lightweight, the plastic channel is UV stabilized, active and at the same time durable. It has one 150mm bottom outlet. It also has an Anti-floatation feet, which stops it from floating or moving as the concrete gets poured. The positive clip in it is majorly for joining the system parts during the installation process. The channel strength comes from its sturdy side ribs.

Inline pit Storm Masta

The Storm Masta inline pit offers fast and easy connection to the 1m channel with a clip system. Once installed, it typically looks like part of Storm Masta channel. As compared to 1m channel, the inline pit has four 150mm outlets. The outlets have ABS inserts making them easy for PVC gluing. It also has anti-floating feet doing the same work as that in 1m channel.

Corner Storm Masta

Just as the name suggest, the Corner Storm Masta has a 90 degrees angle, which is mainly for a left and right extension.


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