Storm Mate Channel Supplier

However, if you just need a driveway drainage system for general applications, you should opt for Storm Mate channels. All the products have pedestrian safe heel guard grate, making the channel drain superb for areas with vehicle traffic.

  1. 100% manufactured from recycled materials
  2. Slimline drainage for general applications
  3. Pedestrian safe heel guard grate suitable for vehicle traffic areas

Comparing Storm Mate Channels Products

The 1m channel usually makes a straight-line drainage along driveways. The brand new concrete tape will always protect your surface-water grate as you pour the concrete. The tape matches the channel width, and as much it is easy to apply and remove, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Therefore, your system will stay clean and protected at all times.

The leaf guard atrium is very sturdy and durable. The leaf guard is very useful as it can be used to prevent leaves and debris from entering driveway drainage systems.

We highly recommend downloading the Storm Mate Specifications PDF for free here.

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