Storm Water Drainage System

For those who might need storm channel drain for entertainment areas. For this purpose, you will need to go for Storm Drain channels. Their grates and accessories can either be plastic, stainless steel or architectural.  The plastics products are 100% recyclable and once installed in the correct manner, can hold up to 5 tons weight. They also have a ledge at their bases just to make sure that the concrete does not pour during their installation.

The Storm drain fittings products are very crucial during the installation of the trench drains. With the help of the joints, the strength and durability of the driveway drainage system enhance. Therefore, depend on the   system you want to install, ensure that you have the right fittings to improve the system’s performance.

View full Storm Drain Brochure with above diagram here.


Also, make sure to download the instructions how to install Storm drain.

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