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Perth Storm Water
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Frequently Asked Questions


To process your order, we require the following:

  1. Registered business name
  2. Business address for delivery purposes
  3. Contact name and office phone number


All products sold by Irrigation and Plumbing Supplies are constantly used by our own commercial installation company in large quantities. Consequently we have good knowledge of the quality and fitment of our product range.

Please contact us at info@pipecowa.com to discuss any of the above.


Where are these products made and what is the quality?

IP Supplies import a range of products from countries like America, Thailand and Israel. Most of the items we sell are commercial quality products for supply to the construction industry.

We stock a wide range of Australian made products and can often supply pipe and fittings according to your requested manufacturer.

All pipe, fittings and items sold on this site are according to Australian Standards specification.

How much does delivery to my area cost?

For details on pricing and shipping costs please consult our Delivery page.

How can I be sure that my order is secure?

We take security matters seriously and work to ensure that the details you provide to us are protected. For full information on our security measures please consult the Security page.

I went to the checkout but was interrupted before I completed it - has my data been saved?

No. To protect your privacy, data entered during the checkout process is not saved until you click the "Confirm Order" button on the last page of the checkout.

To calculate the required current for your pump in amps you need to know both the power in Watts and the Voltage of the pump, you would then take the power and divide it by the voltage. This is represented by the following formula:

Power / Voltage = Current

An example of this is if you had a 5.5kW (5500W) with a voltage of 12V to find the current you would divide 5500W by 12V to give a current of 458 amps.

What does this stand for?

  • ABS = Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • ASTM = American Society For Testing and Materials
  • BS = British Standards
  • BSP = British Standard Pipe
  • BSPF = British Standard Pipe Female
  • BSPM = British Standard Pipe Male
  • HDPE = High Density Polyethylene
  • Kpa = Kilopascal
  • NATA = National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia
  • PE = Polyethlene
  • Poly = Polybutylene
  • PVC = Poly Vinyl Chloride
  • PC = Pressure Compensating
  • Sch 40 = Schedule 40

How Do I..?

Here is some help if you are using our website for the first time to shop online.

  • Products of interest can be selected from the menu on the left hand side.

  • Click on the photo of the product of interest and the size, quantity and price page will load.

  • The number in the minimum quantity (white box) can increased (but not decreased) to meet your requirements.

  • Click on the Add to cart button to record selection. Please click on Back button or left hand side menu and follow the same steps to add other items to your shopping cart.

  • Contents of Your Shopping Basket is the page where you can check and make changes to your order.

  • Click on Check out once you are happy with your order. 

  • At this point a 128 bit SSL encryption software system will load to take you through the final steps. We are proud to announce that there has never been any security issues during our years of online sales.

  • The first check out page allows you to recall saved information from your previous visit.

  • The second check out page requires your Billing information.

  • The third check out page requires your Delivery information.

  • The fourth checkout page displays several Delivery options. If you are unsure about this page, please select the Please quote delivery option and we will call you to discuss the best way.

  • The fifth check out page requires your Payment information.
    Credit card payments will not be processed until one of our staff have contacted you and confirmed your order. Electronic Fund Transfers can also be made and a copy of the transaction emailed to us. Payment upon pickup is also an option that we welcome at our premises PipecoWA Unit 2/5 Dampier Road, Welshpool. If you wish payments may also be made over the phone by one of our cheerful staff.
  • Please note that all credit card information is deleted from this system once that your order is finalized.

  • Refer to our security page for the information about security of your personal/credit card details.

  • If you have any questions about delivery please refer to our Delivery Page.

  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help regarding ItemsDelivery or payment.

How do I reset my Hunter Controller?


How do I convert from millimetrers to inches?

Please be aware that these conversions do not mean a fitting measured in inches and a fitting measured in millimetres are compatible, as all fitting measurements are only nominal. Do not use this under any circumstance to compare the two fittings types to put them together, it will not work.


Do I need to use thread tape?

Whenever connecting threaded fittings, thread tape is advised, this excludes however situations where one of the fittings has an o-ring. Where the fittings are under constant pressure the thread should be wrapped approximately 20 times, whereas fittings under non-constant pressure may only require being wrapped 2 - 3 times.