Stormwater Pits

Perth stormwater pits are designed to collect stormwater when it rains, and they are built to standards. Since they can’t hold all the running water, the stormwater pits are made to be large depending on the application area to contain the targeted water until it drains through the pipes. This enables our pits to keep up with the storm water pace. Here are stormwater pits designed for Perth residents which are designed to fit in different categories of application.

Different types of Stormwater Pits

Stormwater pits come in different specifications and offers vary in material and size.

Plastic Stormwater Pits

The plastic is durable to withstand weight and functionality. In this category, plastic pits are suitable to be used domestically or in commercial places with light traffic.

Uni Pits

uni vortex stormwater pits

Stormwater pits also include uni pits that are suitable for draining water pools. They are durable and fast to install with an accompanying simple guide. Their unique design helps prevent water pools at the bottom of the pit, eventually eliminating mosquito breeding sites

Polymer Concrete Pits

They are mostly used by those of us in communication and electrical work. They are good insulators, and made of hard concrete which can have alternative covers made of steel among other heavy duty metals.

Installing Stormwater Pits

1. Excavate hole for pit to required depth

2. Bed pit on a sand base to set top of pit at installed level.

3. Mark and cut pipe holes as required.

4. Install pit in hole.

5. Connect pipes

6. Seal pipe and pit with solicone.

7. When installing a riser, ensure riser is secured to pit with suplied nuts and bolts, with a washer on eash side of the assembly. seal around Riser and Pit base with solicone.

8. Install grate - leave grate installed whilst back - filling and concreting

9. Evenly backfill around pit

10. Support pits and risers in a concrete colar - 250 and 300 series min 100mm thick x min 150 wide - 450 & 600 series min 150 thick x min 150mm wide.

*For uni-pits and stormwater pits installation instructions here.