Surface Water Drainage

Surface Water Drainage is simply the process of carrying stagnant water from a particular place. However, if you wish to perform driveway drainage, then it is best that you go for trench drains.The trench drains are commonly known as floor trench, are also called linear shower drain, channel drain, trip drain, and slot drain. With the trench and channel drain on the ground, you can call your drainage job complete.

Some reasons as to why you should install driveway drainage systems

  • Risks associated with slips reduces.
  • You will cut down the inconveniences you cause to the public users
  • You will reduce ponding
  • You will defend your property from floor damage
  • You will protect and extend the life of paved surfaces.
 Reln Storm Drain Suplier  

 Reln Storm Masta Supplier

   Reln Storm Mate Supplier

 Storm Drain

   Lenght: 1m & 3m

   Width:  120mm

   Height: 129mm


 Storm Masta

   Lenght: 1m

   Width:  273mm

   Height: 263mm


 Storm Mate

    Lenght: 1m Wide

    Width:  120mm

    Height: 85mm

Available with plastic grate 
in 4 colours, as well as galvanised
steel and stainless steel grates.

  Typically used for commercial
  Typically used for general

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Storm Drain Overview

You might also be needing channel drain for entertainment areas. For this purpose, you will need to go for Storm Drain channels. Storm Drain channel can be supplied with plastic, galvanised steel, stainless steel or architectural grates.  The plastics products are 100% recyclable and once installed in the correct manner, can hold up to 5 tons weight.

Storm Masta Overview

If you opt to go for surface water drainage for commercial applications, then you might consider Storm Masta products to be interesting as they will cater for you needs. Storm Masta products include 1m channel, Inline Pit, Corner, and Storm Masta end. All these products have class B galvanized steel drain grates with a lockdown security. If you install the Storm Masta correctly, it can support up to 10 ton of weight.

Storm Mate Overview

If you need a driveway drainage system for general applications, you should opt for Storm Mate channels. All the products have pedestrian safe heel guard grate, making the channel drain superb for areas with vehicle traffic